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Medical Response from Key Fob Panic Button

August 8, 2007

A key fob panic button was pushed by a customer in Dearborn, Michigan. Monitoring station responded in 3 seconds and spoke with customer compaining of hyperventilating, upper chest pain and back pain. Medical assistance was immediately dispatched and the monitoring station was able to relay them which door was unlocked.

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Possible Break-In in Utah

August 10, 2007

The alarm was triggered by a motion detector in American Fork, Utah. The monitoring station responded in 2 seconds and began listening in on the two-way panel. No one responded and no threatening noises were heard. Customer was not reached at first two contact numbers so police were dispatched. Customer was reached on a third number and later reported that the police secured the premises and found a smashed window  but no entry to the building was obtained.

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Testimonial from Indianapolis

September 7, 2007

A smoke detector was set off in a home in Indianapolis, Indiana. The monitoring station responded in 17 seconds and spoke with the homeowner. They stated that their fuse box was smoking and red hot inside. The fire department was dispatched to the home.

Medical Response in Tennessee

September 24, 2007

A customer in Lavergne, Tennessee activated the medical alert on their alarm. Monitoring station responded in 2 seconds and spoke with customer’s daughter. Daughter stated that her mother was having extreme stomach pains and required medical assistance. Medical personnel were dispatched to the home.

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Fire Alarm Success Story

September 16, 2007

A customer in Rio Ranch, New Mexico activated a fire alarm on their panel. The monitoring station responded in 11 seconds. Customer explained that there was a truck on fir on their driveway. The fire department arrived while the customer was still on the phone with monitoring station.

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Las Vegas Security Testimonial

October 2, 2007

A glass break sensor was set off and the monitoring station responded in 3 seconds to an alarm in Las Vegas, Nevada. The customer was reached on a cell phone and stated that they were out of state. The guard service was dispatched and reported that the sliding glass door cracked, and had been taped up. It appeared to have been hit by a stone or other object. Premises were secure so customer called a relative to go inspect the door.

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Success Story with Medical Pendant

October 12, 2007

A medical pendant was activated by a customer in Rio Ranch, New Mexico. Northstar responded in 20 seconds and was informed that the customer had fallen. Medical help was dispatched and the customer’s son was notified of the incident.