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Medical Response in Arizona

June 3, 2007

A medical pendant in Phoenix, Arizona was set off and the monitoring station contacted the customer in 2 seconds. Customer complained of adverse reaction to medication. Medical assistance was dispatched and relatives on call list notified.


Medical Response from Key Fob Panic Button

August 8, 2007

A key fob panic button was pushed by a customer in Dearborn, Michigan. Monitoring station responded in 3 seconds and spoke with customer compaining of hyperventilating, upper chest pain and back pain. Medical assistance was immediately dispatched and the monitoring station was able to relay them which door was unlocked.

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Medical Key Fob Response

March 5, 2008

A medical key fob was pushed by a customer in Columbus, Ohio and the monitoring station responded in 2 seconds. A relative stated that the homeowner was having difficulty breathing. Medical personnel were dispatched to the home immediately.

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