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Customer Service Testimonial from Bonnie Marchant

July 1, 2008

This letter is to inform you of the very pleasant experience I had when I purchased a Northstar Security system from Jeremy Call.

Prior to his coming to my home, I had felt I should upgrade my security system, but did not connect with any of the “door to door” salesman who came. However, when Jeremy came to my home it was different. He very patiently answered all of  my questions, then came back a few days later to see how I felt about changing from ADT to Northstar. I signed up for the new Northstar System and have thus far been very pleased.

Jeremy is an asset to your business and to your customers.

Bonnie Marchant

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Burglar Alarm Response – American Fork, Utah

March 8, 2008

In American Fork, Utah a burglar alarm was set off. The monitoring station responded in 4 seconds and was unable to immediately reach the customer. The police were dispatched and an officer called back shortly after to inform the monitoring station that a basement window had been broken in but no one had entered the home.

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